Salt+ Sea Sanctuary

Vetted by a Stylist Alexandra Greenawalt

When I launched Salt + Sea Sanctuary in North Palm Beach 2019 after a long stint in New York City I was a bit underwhelmed by the restaurants in Palm Beach county. It seemed that the two choices were either French or Italian and dining trends seemed to be 5 years behind.
Now with the big influx of new residents and mass migration due to covid-19 we’ve seen great improvements of more fabulous restaurants opening here. And New York outposts opening up here as well.
So from a foodie here are my top choices for a fancy meal out near North Palm Beach. When you want something exceptional try these spots.

  1. Beacon-Jupiter-“Where culinary theater meets destination waterfront dining” is the best way to describe this restaurant. Impeccable inventive food in a stunning chic elegant setting in the Love street dine district of Jupiter. Service is flawless and the bar and open kitchen is a great way to combine entertainment and fine food. Seafood is especially fresh. Hit the rooftop bar for an aperatif. I personally have eaten here on holidays and it made the day all the more special. One of the few restaurants that is on the quiet side. Reservations a must!
  2. Lucky Shuck-Jupiter. Oysters are the reason we come but the southern hospitality and flair keep up returning. The Lobster & Shrimp Dy-No-Mite! are to die for. Water views are wonderful in this bustling spot with indoor and outdoor seating with industrial setting. Fun and festive. Reservation are a must!
  3. LionFish -Delray Beach. On the main drag in Delray Beach LionFish is not to be missed and is a major reason to visit this seaside town. LionFish is on the menu which is rare but what spoiled me was the Waygu cook your own on hot stone beef. Bar is festive spot to eat, and high communal tables mean meeting other diners is a festive option. Fish forward fine dining but not a quiet restaurant. Reservation are a must!
  4. Le Bilboquet– Palm Beach. Come for the Bravo housewife people watching and stay for the Mediterranean French Food resto imported from New York City. Waiters are authentically French and oh so flirty. My top pic is the Stone Crab/Avocado/Fennel appetizer. Super pricey and worth every Euro. Credit cards only. Reservations are a must! Bar space is minimal only 4 spaces.
  5. 1000 North- Jupiter. Sexy and on the water 1000 North has the pedigree to impress (hello Michael Jordan as founder) and a rooftop private club which adds to the mystique. Outdoor seating is lovely and refined but sitting at the large bar can be great people watching. Lots of fresh seafood and game choices. Reservations are a must!
  6. Farmer’s Table-North Palm Beach Country Club. When you want as organic as possible with a golf course view this is the spot. So many healthy choices to choose from they have their own vegan/gluten free pastry chef that has created the most divine chocolate cake worth returning over and over for. Also love the mushroom goat cheese flatbread with cauliflower crust. If your husband protests and just want to watch the game and get some wings and fries he can go next door to the tavern and you can still have your green juice! Sunday brunch is especially fun with the jazz band. Reservations recommended but I have also had luck walking in her to dine. Under a mile from Salt + Sea Sanctuary this restaurant is your new go to.

Alexandra Greenawalt, former personal NYC stylist now well-cation home owner and host has two homes in North Palm Beach for rent. Coming to visit Palm Beach County with family and friends. Ask about availability at Salt + Sea Sanctuary a rare 3/2 pool home walking distance from Lakeside park beach or just launched Fairhaven a 3/2 home in the quiet village of North Palm Beach.